oi! oi! oi!

Well it’s been 2 years but the new D.I.L.E album is here it’s called


and it’s released on july 12th and you can order it here.

There are 11 all new dile songs on there and it’s a belter(trust me) and as a celebration to the album being released we putting on an album launch at the Witchwood on saturday 10th july!

Tickets are £6 and you can get yer tickets here.

Everyone attending the gig will recieve a free copy of the album,so for £6 you get a live performance and a copy of the new album (bargain or wot?).

As regular DILE fans will know, the band is now a 7 piece band with the following members:

dennis matthews-vocals
simon bennett-guitar
dave pickett-bass
april pickett-hammond and keys
adam belcher-drums
mike riley-trombone
michael wood-percusion

Go get yerself a copy of the new album or even some of the older albums and we will talk soon.

Keep on keepin’ on